What is Flux?

  1. Flux is an architecture that Facebook uses internally when working with React. It is not a framework or a library.
  2. It is a kind of architecture that complements React as a view and follows the concept of the Unidirectional Data Flow model.
  3. This data enters the app and flows through it in one direction until it is rendered on the screen.

Flux applications have below major roles while dealing with data:

1.Actions – Actions are the helper methods that pass the data to the dispatcher.

2.Dispatcher Dispatcher is a central hub for the React Flux application and manages all data flow of your Flux application.

3.Store − Store is the place where the application state and logic are held. Every store is maintaining a particular state and it will update when needed.

4.View – It is a React component that listens to change events and receives the data from the stores and re-render the application.