Day 1: Data Types(HackerRank – 30 Days of Code)


Complete the code in the editor below. The variables i,d, and s are already declared and initialized for you. You must:

  1. Declare 3 variables: one of type int, one of type double, and one of type String.
  2. Read 3 lines of input from stdin (according to the sequence given in the Input Format section below) and initialize your 3 variables.
  3. Use the  operator to perform the following operations:
    1. Print the sum of i plus your int variable on a new line.
    2. Print the sum of d plus your double variable to a scale of one decimal place on a new line.
    3. Concatenate s with the string you read as input and print the result on a new line.

Input Format:

The first line contains an integer that you must sum with i.
The second line contains a double that you must sum with d.
The third line contains a string that you must concatenate with s.

Output Format:

Print the sum of both integers on the first line, the sum of both doubles (scaled to 1 decimal place) on the second line, and then the two concatenated strings on the third line.



function main() {
    var i = 4
    var d = 4.0
    var s = "HackerRank "
    // Declare second integer, double, and String variables.
    var myint=readLine();
    var myDouble=readLine();
    var myString=readLine();
    // Read and save an integer, double, and String to your variables.
    // Print the sum of both integer variables on a new line.
    // Print the sum of the double variables on a new line.
    // Concatenate and print the String variables on a new line
    // The 's' variable above should be printed first.



        /* Declare second integer, double, and String variables. */
         int integer;
         double mydouble;
         String myString;
        /* Read and save an integer, double, and String to your variables.*/
        // Note: If you have trouble reading the entire String, please go back and review the Tutorial closely.
        /* Print the sum of both integer variables on a new line. */
        /* Print the sum of the double variables on a new line. */
        /* Concatenate and print the String variables on a new line; 
            the 's' variable above should be printed first. */