Day 0: Data Types (HackerRank – 10 Days of Javascript)


Variables named firstInteger, firstDecimal, and firstString are declared for you in the editor below. You must use the  operator to perform the following sequence of operations:

  1. Convert  secondInteger to an integer (Number type), then sum it with firstInteger and print the result on a new line using console.log.
  2. Convert secondDecimal to a floating-point number (Number type), then sum it with firstDecimal and print the result on a new line using console.log.
  3. Print the concatenation of firstString and secondString on a new line using console.log. Note that  must be printed first.Note that firstString must be printed.

Input Format:

Data TypeParameterDescription
string secondInteger The string representation of an integer you must sum with firstString.
string secondDecimal The string representation of a floating-point number you must sum with firstDecimal.
string secondStringA string of one or more space-separated words you must append to secondString.

Output Format:

Print the following three lines of output:

  1. On the first line, print the sum of firstInteger and the integer representation of secondInteger.
  2. On the second line, print the sum of firstDecimal and the floating-point representation of secondDecimal.
  3. On the third line, firstString print  concatenated with secondString. You must print firstString before secondString.


function performOperation(secondInteger, secondDecimal, secondString) {
    const firstInteger = 4;
    const firstDecimal = 4.0;
    const firstString = 'HackerRank ';


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